Introducing TigerGraph

The First Native Parallel Graph™ (NPG) System

Through its Native Parallel Graph™ technology, TigerGraph represents what’s next in the graph database evolution: a complete, distributed, parallel graph computing platform supporting web-scale data analytics in real-time.

Combining the best ideas (MapReduce, Massively Parallel Processing, and fast data compression/decompression) with fresh development, TigerGraph delivers what you’ve been waiting for: the speed, scalability, and deep exploration/querying capability to extract more business value from your data.

Unique Advantages

General advantages of the NPG include:

Data Loading Speed

Faster data loading speed to build your graph.


Subsecond queries of Deep Link Analytics.

Big Data

Support for large graphs from 100 million to 100+ billion vertices.


Ability to unify real-time analytics with large scale offline data processing.

Native Parallel Graphs:

The Next Stage in the Graph Database Evolution

Specific performance features include:

Ability to traverse hundreds of millions of vertices/edges per second per machine,

Ability to load 50 to 150 GB of data per hour, per machine.

Ability to stream 2B+ daily events in real-time to a graph with 100B+ vertices and 600B+ edges on a cluster of only 20 commodity machines, battle-tested by the world’s largest e-payment company with over two years in production.